Our "Why"

We believe that frameworks can help teams at high-tech companies make decisions that will result in more success and less failure. .

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Our "How"

Chasm Institute LLC helps high-tech companies to learn, apply, and institutionalize best practices in strategic market development. We work with management, marketing, engineering, and sales organizations in high-tech companies large and small, all over the world. Our work is based on best practices from Geoffrey Moore's high-tech business best-sellers: Crossing the Chasm, Escape Velocity, Inside the Tornado, and Living on the Fault Line plus learnings and pattern recognition from hundreds of engagements with client companies. We help teams to think and act strategically.

Our Promise

We will instill the knowledge needed to achieve and sustain Competitive Advantage.

Competitive advantage is not built by technology. It's built by people. The potential of your organization - and its future success - lies within the ability of your people to think and act strategically. Which is why they must be thought of and developed as your best, most sustainable asset. Chasm Institute can help you get the most out of your organization through customized professional development programs that are designed to change the way your organization works, building and sustaining performance so that you can meet your strategic goals.

We will demonstrate Best Practices.

We enable people to be their best by offering them the opportunity to learn best practices in high-tech strategy development and implementation. Our mission starts by providing a comprehensive understanding of how and why markets develop for high technology products and services as part of corporate strategy, market development strategy and implementation, and resource planning and allocation. Key strategy development models are both taught and applied to a specific situation, with the dual goals of instilling relevant learning while eliminating current roadblocks to strategic thinking.

We will help develop a Common Strategy Vocabulary.

Imagine asking every person in your company to explain the strategy for a specific product using one PowerPoint slide. Chances are you'll get as many versions of the strategy as there are people in the company. One goal of Chasm Institute is to give everyone a common way of thinking about, discussing, and presenting strategy. We provide participants with a common set of templates and models to use so that they will all indeed be speaking the same language.

We will ensure that learning is a Practical Process.

We use applied learning methodologies in our programs. We start by training your people in basic strategic thinking concepts. We then apply these concepts to a specific business problem that they are facing today. Finally, we help them develop the ability to anticipate and respond to constant change.

Our Values

Values are important to us at Chasm Institute. When tough decisions need to be made, ultimately it's our values that provide us with a consistent, fair and ethical way of interacting with everyone, including our clients, our business partners, and each other. To that end, the values that govern our behavior include:

1. Education programs must be real-world based, not theoretical. We don't just teach strategy concepts; we ensure that our clients can apply the concepts in their specific work situation.

2. Curriculum and instructional methodology will set a new standard in corporate education and should be scalable. This is an ongoing process, but our goal is always to be the very best in both program design and delivery.

3. The operative growth metrics of our firm are quality over quantity; impact over size. Yes, we want to grow, but only to the extent that we are able to maintain our high standard of quality.

Our Heritage

When The Chasm Group was founded in 1992, the goal was to provide strategy consulting and education services to high-tech firms. After ten years and literally hundreds of client engagements, two additional businesses, Chasm Institute LLC and TCG Advisors LLC were formed to provide each entity with the ability to have a sharper focus and to better serve their clients.

Chasm Institute LLC is a professional development and education practice designed to serve the needs of companies who seek to incorporate Geoffrey Moore's "chasm" theories and disciplines of marketing disruptive innovations into their professional development process. These models provide a comprehensive framework from which to develop coherent and effective strategies. As a result, management, engineering, marketing and sales organizations can create more effective and aligned go-to-market programs. Further information is available at www.chasminstitute.com.
Chasm Group LLC focuses on the ongoing needs of clients in the information technology, bioinstrumentation, and technology-based services sectors facing market development challenges - including private companies looking to launch new categories or products - or public companies striving to identify new market growth strategies, reposition product and company brands, or revitalize products and services in mature markets. For more information see www.chasmgroup.com.
TCG Advisors LLC addresses the challenges faced by established companies making fundamental changes to their strategic direction and focuses on helping executive teams restructure their enterprises to extract resources from legacy efforts while repurposing them for emerging opportunities. TCG Advisors focuses on many of the issues recently detailed in Geoffrey Moore's book Dealing with Darwin (Penguin Group, 2005). Further information is available at www.tcg-advisors.com.



Chasm Institute LLC helps high-tech teams learn, apply, and implement best practices in market development strategy. These best practices are based on Geoffrey Moore's best-selling books Crossing the Chasm, Inside the Tornado, Living on the Fault Line, Dealing with Darwin, and Escape Velocity plus hundreds of client engagements with high-tech companies. 

Chasm Institute helps companies align their product development, marketing, and sales functions to achieve and maintain market leadership in their categories.


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